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I’ve been seeing that some women are not happy with Lupe’s new video… I’ll watch it when I have the time and desire to analyze it… Even when I first heard the song people were saying he sounds like he’s blaming black women for our portrayal in the media.

I’m not going to defend something that I didn’t see but I’m not about to entertain the helpless victim role. We are responsible as well. Each one of us. There was a time when we weren’t allowed to use our voices. PERIOD. I keep saying stop putting money and energy into things that don’t represent us well. You cannot blame the media 100% when there are willing participants. If you don’t like it  don’t watch it!!!! STOP WATCHING VH1, BET, OR UPN whatever. I stopped watching a lot of shows because I was disgusted with them. Not only the racial aspects, but as women period. Stop it. Then you have these guys out here thinking women only care about money, and that females cannot get along and God forbid we have an opinion, then you’re labeled the mean one, or the bitch.  (rolls eyes) Until I see a woman in black face (God forbid) we cannot be completely without blame.

We can complain about lack of diversity, poor roles, lack of depth in roles, yet there are black actors, producers, directors, screen writers, etc. out there with amazing talents. We have to willing to work together and SUPPORT each other for a greater cause. And sometimes that means working for nothing (what a concept) and sometimes that means boycotting products and the media and the things we absorb on a day to day basis. Sold by WHITES, KOREANS, BRAZILIANS, etc. (no offense) That mentality of anything but black is better still exists. There are books from the early 1900s stating these same points. (puts head down in shame) We can complain, make excuses, be bitter orrrr we can fucking be the change we want to see. *sigh* Do you know how much money we generate for this country??? Play with their money and they’ll listen to you.

When it comes down to it we don’t invest in our own people. Define Investment Crystal! - A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future (Google) . Putting emphasis on the future..

Ok….so let’s try this one more time….

You can get mad at Lupe for challenging women to raise our standards, but you won’t get mad at Rick Ross for calling you a bitch in every song he’s written or for including you on his list of possessions?!

This cannot be life.